February 12, 2019

7 Mistakes People Make Handling Deceased Family Members’ Estates

Dealing with a family member’s death can be a double cruelty. There is the emotional loss. Then, that’s often followed by the monumental task of dealing with the deceased’s estate—any property or possessions left behind. […]
January 10, 2019

Does a Will Have to Be Witnessed?

Wills allow individuals to avoid the state’s rules about who gets what portion of a decedent’s estate. They also allow individuals to name their executors, name a guardian for their children and bequeath specific items […]
January 10, 2019

Top Small Business Mistakes and How a Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Them

There are several mistakes that a small business owner can make that will cause the company to fail long before it could, and without using a lawyer to assist with these problems, the owner may […]
September 20, 2018

Exit Strategy Planning for Your Business

An appropriate exit strategy to the business owned by a private person is crucial when he or she is ready to retire or to pass on the company to family or a partner. Understanding what […]
July 10, 2018

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Business Succession

To hand over a business to another person is a complex situation that requires careful planning and adjustments based on the suitability of the person or group picked by the owner. Planning the succession could […]
June 26, 2018

Inheritance Rights for Legitimate and Illegitimate Children

An important question in inheritance law is whether a child has the right to inherit from his or her parent. A parent can decide in most states whether or not his or her adult children […]
June 12, 2018

Preparing for Uncomfortable Questions When Making an Estate Plan

Studies show that many people do not have a will or other estate planning documents in place even though they need them. Part of this dynamic may be that it is difficult to confront our […]
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