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Our attorneys at James Brown Law are seasoned in assisting with Real Estate Transactions, Leases, Commercial Transactions & Business Support Services, Real Estate Litigation, and Investor Services. They understand the complexities of real estate law and can negotiate a contract on your behalf, give legal advice, and explain the meaning and detail of all of your real estate transaction documents.

Real Estate Law

We have attorneys standing by 24/7 to take your calls, answer your questions, and provide the support realtors need to smooth the road to closing. We also have a full seasoned legal staff ready to take on all the other issues that can come up in any real estate transaction whether it's a lease, forming an entity, taking an estate through probate, code violations, or anything else related to real property.

Realtor Support

Time, care and attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on and believe is the success of our title company & law firm.

We are here to assist you in all title company services, including the following: conduct a title search, coordinate all aspects of title services with appropriate parties, prepare necessary documents, schedule settlement, account for all funds, review closing documents, disburse all mortgage loan or sale proceeds, satisfy all lender requirements, record transfer documents, and issue title insurance policy.

Title & Closing Services

We offer complementary legal advice to homeowners who are looking for a legal and honorable solution to sell or maintain their home. Many options can include conducting foreclosure defense, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and mortgage loan modification.

In these uncertain times for home owners, your legal team at James N Brown, PA will be a constant advocate and help in the midst of your foreclosure, halting the process and rallying and guiding you through it all.

Foreclosure, Short Sale, & Mortgage Modification

James Brown Law can help negotiate mortgage debt liability including conducting foreclosure defense, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and mortgage loan modifications. We also represent borrowers in the negation of post judgment and short sale deficiency liability against institutional lenders and third party debt collectors.

Code Compliance, Lien Reduction, & Permit Issues

When faced with a rock-and-a-hard-place circumstance that calls for drastic action, you want the confidence in lawyers that have the experience and know-how to represent you and solve these stressful contract issues for your business.

With defense representation in litigation challenges such as the following but not limited to are: high material costs, terminated or delayed projects, availability of financing, disputes over change-orders, extra work claims, unfair competition, bid protests, surveying errors, bond claims, partnership disputes, and contract review.

General & Contract Litigation

We’re here to help you settle your claim quickly and efficiently. And at the same time, we'll work to get more for you™. While most lawyers charge the maximum allowed and only give you 60-67% of your settlement, we charge far less and give you 80% of the reward for your case.

With our online system, 80/20 Legal, we’ve built a better way to make sure we get more for you™.

Personal Injury

When preparing for the future of your estate, it is important that there be a plan of action that gives you the confidence in knowing that your estate will be handled in the way that you truly desire. The attorneys at James Brown Law in West Palm Beach will assist you with the precise execution of the transferring of your estate to your heirs.

We are eager to help you complete your estate planning, including assistance with topics such as: guardianships and conservatorships, durable powers of attorney, advanced healthcare directives, prenuptial agreements, challenges to contingent’s capacity, allegations of undue influence, beneficiary/survivor contests, and will contests.

Probate Law, Wills, & Trust

James Brown Law can help you form and maintain an LLC, Corporation, PA, LP or any related entity. We can also review, negotiate and close the purchase and sale of businesses, business assets, business interests, stock, and membership interests.

Business & Transaction Support

Reaching a point of litigation can be a costly process for you and/or your business, however, the protracted litigation expenses can be avoided through mediation. Mediation is a more cost-effective alternative that allows both parties in a dispute to resolve any legal issues and is the best possible way to achieve legal solutions without the extra financial burdens.



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