January 27, 2021

Buying a Foreclosed Home in Florida: What Do I Need to Know Before I Buy?

Caveat emptor or buyer beware does not apply to residential real estate purchases in the Sunshine State. Florida law places an affirmative duty on sellers to disclose unobservable material defects that the seller actually knows […]
January 27, 2021

Florida Lady Bird Deed

A “lady bird deed,” also known as an enhanced life estate deed, is an effective way to transfer real property to someone else outside of probate while retaining a life estate in the property. This […]
January 27, 2021

Can Your Florida Business Benefit From a Non-Compete or NDA?

Businesses need to protect themselves. One of the easiest methods is through documents by which another party agrees not to improperly use or take information or personnel from the business to compete against it. These […]
December 2, 2020

7 Ways To Connect With First-Time Millennial and Gen Z Buyers

To appeal to millennial and Gen Z buyers, you should familiarize yourself with their comfort zones, priorities and the challenges they face now. Here’s what you need to know. First-time homebuyers today are different — […]
August 12, 2020

Owners’ Obligation to Pay HOA Assessments and Fees

Why are your monthly HOA payments so high, and what can you do about it? When you purchase a home, condominium, or townhouse that’s part of a covenanted community, you will most likely be required […]
July 28, 2020

What is an easement, and what do you use it for?

An easement is a legal term describing a situation in which someone allows another party to use a portion of land that they legally possess. One common example of an easement is when someone drives […]
July 22, 2020

What Happens If You Violate Your HOA’s CC&Rs or Don’t Pay Assessments

If you own property in a neighborhood that has an HOA and you don’t follow the community’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) or pay the assessments, you might face a lawsuit or even a foreclosure. […]
July 22, 2020

Golf Ball Hazards In Florida: Legal Overview

As Floridians, some of us are lucky enough to enjoy the spaciousness and beauty of golf course views from our homes. Unfortunately, this serenity is occasionally marred by golfers seeking errant balls or by the […]
July 21, 2020

DeSantis Signs Bill that Impacts Some Inherited Property

If a Floridian dies without a will, one heir can sell their portion of property independently. After July 1, however, a bill passed by the Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (SB 580) […]
July 16, 2020

The Difference Between Financing Contingency and Appraisal Contingency

If a contract includes both a financing contingency and appraisal contingency, where does one end and the other begin? There’s substantial overlap in the two contingencies, but they have very different rules. When buyers negotiate […]
June 22, 2020

Florida Foreclosure Procedures: Here’s What to Expect

If you’re facing a foreclosure in Florida, learn your rights and how the process works. Update: On April 2, 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order 20-94 suspending all foreclosures and evictions in Florida for 45 days […]
June 18, 2020

Game Changer for Remote Real Estate Closings: Remote Online Notarization Morphs into Remote Ink Notarization

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Attorneys Title Insurance Fund and Old Republic Insurance Company along, with other underwriters following suit, decided that they would allow for Florida Remote Online Notaries to notarize both electronic and […]
June 15, 2020

FIRPTA – What is it, and how to strategize with buyers and sellers

June 11, 2020

Forbearance Agreements, Repayment Plans, and Loan Modifications: Helping You Avoid Foreclosure

Learn how a forbearance agreement, repayment plan, or loan modification could help you avoid a foreclosure. Coronavirus Mortgage Relief Under the Federal CARES Act Under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, if […]
June 2, 2020

Commercial Leases: Will a Force Majeure Clause Get You Out of Paying Rent?

During this COVID-19 crisis, force majeure clauses in commercial real estate contracts are a hot topic in real estate.  A force majeure clause excuses a party from performing a contractual obligation due to an unforeseen […]
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