March 3, 2021

New Ways Commercial Tenants Can Leverage Their Lease Post-Coronavirus

Even as the Coronavirus pandemic has precipitated tremendous challenges, some businesses are leveraging their commercial leases to reap benefits. Here are three ways tenants are getting more out of their leases: by renewing, subleasing, and […]
February 3, 2021

How Can I Get Out of My Commercial Lease in Florida?

Commercial leases are controlled by Part I of the Landlord Tenant Act in Florida. It is found at Chapter 83 in the Florida Statutes. The terms of each lease are unique. For each particular situation […]
January 27, 2021

Can Your Florida Business Benefit From a Non-Compete or NDA?

Businesses need to protect themselves. One of the easiest methods is through documents by which another party agrees not to improperly use or take information or personnel from the business to compete against it. These […]
July 21, 2020

DeSantis Signs Bill that Impacts Some Inherited Property

If a Floridian dies without a will, one heir can sell their portion of property independently. After July 1, however, a bill passed by the Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (SB 580) […]
July 16, 2020

The Difference Between Financing Contingency and Appraisal Contingency

If a contract includes both a financing contingency and appraisal contingency, where does one end and the other begin? There’s substantial overlap in the two contingencies, but they have very different rules. When buyers negotiate […]
June 18, 2020

Game Changer for Remote Real Estate Closings: Remote Online Notarization Morphs into Remote Ink Notarization

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Attorneys Title Insurance Fund and Old Republic Insurance Company along, with other underwriters following suit, decided that they would allow for Florida Remote Online Notaries to notarize both electronic and […]
June 2, 2020

Commercial Leases: Will a Force Majeure Clause Get You Out of Paying Rent?

During this COVID-19 crisis, force majeure clauses in commercial real estate contracts are a hot topic in real estate.  A force majeure clause excuses a party from performing a contractual obligation due to an unforeseen […]
May 21, 2020

Rentals and Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

Florida is often dubbed the vacation state, sunshine state, the retirement state, or all around where individuals travel to soak in the sun rays, enjoy our beaches, or retreat from the snow. Friends and family […]
May 14, 2020

6 Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Lawyer When Buying or Selling Florida Real Estate

Lack of disclosure about the condition of the property, foreclosure, and probate issues are just few reasons why you may want a real estate lawyer to help. In Florida, particularly South Florida, families want to […]
May 5, 2020

Notarizing and Witnessing Legal Documents During the Coronavirus Crisis

Commercial restrictions and social distancing make it harder to finalize many legal and financial documents. Many common legal documents must be notarized or witnessed to be legally binding. For example, mortgage documents and financial powers […]
May 5, 2020

Coronavirus Estate Planning: Now is the Time to Make a Living Will & Medical Power of Attorney

With COVID-19 looming, make sure your loved ones understand your wishes for health care. By now we’re well aware of the tragic health outcomes that may result from infection with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19): life-threatening respiratory […]
April 28, 2020

Is Now a Good Time to Refinance Your Home Mortgage?

Interest rates down? Here’s what to look into before deciding to refinance your home mortgage. Some people never think about their mortgage after getting it, except to write a monthly check and claim the tax […]
March 24, 2020

Are Verbal Agreements and Contracts Valid in Florida?

Over the course of a single week, you likely enter into a wide variety of agreements and contracts. If you own a small business, you may negotiate agreements and contracts on a daily basis. Many […]
January 13, 2020

Florida Security Deposit Limits and Deadlines

A breakdown of Florida landlord-tenant laws on security deposits. Most residential leases and rental agreements in Florida require a security deposit. This is a dollar amount, usually one month’s rent, that’s intended to cover damage […]
November 21, 2019

Selling a Home in Florida? Key Legal Requirements

From contract forms to closings, here is what sellers of a Florida home should expect and plan for. Selling a home in Florida can be different than selling one in any other state, both in […]
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