With direction from a well-seasoned probate lawyer the painstaking and costly process of legal action after the tragic loss of a loved one can be greatly lessened for the affected family members. In Florida, the probate process and administration of your estate can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We can assist you in easing this daunting task.

We understand the complexity and complications that come with Florida probate. Through each step we will direct our clients to ensure a clear understanding of the probate process enabling you to remain confident in our handling of any estate planning issues. Personal advisement will be given to representatives and beneficiaries during the proceedings to help avoid disputes within the probate process. Easing the stress and confusion of the probate process is our main focus in guiding you through every step.

In most cases in Florida, the probate process is resolved without any complications; however, occasionally an issue will rise delaying the probate of an estate. The process can be hampered by various issues restraining the completion of administering an estate.

Our attorneys skilled in probate litigation have the experince and knowledge that will protect the interests of our clients in even the most difficult of cases. Some of the most common disputes we can assist you with include:

  • Challenges to contingent’s capacity
  • Allegations of undue influence
  • Beneficiary/Survivor contests
  • Will contests

At the South Florida Law Offices of James N. Brown P.A. & Assocites, we have many years of experience in dealing with the probate process and guiding clients through in a clear and well-informed manner. During this difficult time, you should not have to blindly navigate through this process. Our seasoned probate attorneys have the skills needed to assist you. Contact us for more information on any of your estate-planning needs.