Geoffrey Burdick

Of Council

Board Certified in Civil Trial Law 1995 – 2015

Geoffrey Burdick graduated from the University of Florida Law School in 1982 with honors after completing an undergraduate degree in psychology. He was also awarded a certificate of academic excellence from the University of Florida Law Review for completing the extra-curricular requirements and participating in the University of Florida’s prestigious Law Review.

He was Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Florida Bar in 1995 and maintained the designation as a recognized expert in trial law through 2015. Only four percent of all Florida lawyers have achieved this recognition. He has specialized in Personal Injury Law as well as Business and Commercial litigation and at the same time maintained a general practice to assist his clients in other legal and transactional matters.

Geoffrey Burdick has practiced law in Palm Beach and adjacent counties for more than 30 years and maintains his dedication to providing the highest quality legal services for his clients while maintaining a committed concern for their legal and emotional needs in the face of legal challenges.

He has tried hundreds of cases before judges and juries over the years and has obtained judgments and settlements for his clients from thousands to millions of dollars. During his busy practice he has found the time to provide pro bono services to the less fortunate and engage in many public, social and environmental service endeavors.

Mr. Burdick has been practicing law in Palm Beach County, Florida since 1982 when he joined his father, Sylvan Burdick’s law firm. He continued to practice with his brother, Gregory Burdick until he started his own firm in 2005. He continued his solo practice for 10 years, then considered retirement. However, in 2015 he was persuaded to join the law firm of James N. Brown, P.A. in the role Of Counsel and continues to provide his standard of high quality legal services for the clients.