• 5 Mortifying Reasons Mortgage Applications End Up in the ‘Reject’ Pile

    Picture this nightmare: You apply for a mortgage, but your application gets rejected. Suddenly, you’re hit with an overwhelming wave of embarrassment, shock, and horror. It’s like having your credit card denied at the Shoprite. So. Much. Shame. Sadly, this is a reality for some home buyers. According to a recent Federal Reserve study, one […]

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  • 5 Mortgage Misconceptions Set Straight

    Looking for a home loan? Get your facts straight so you can proceed with confidence. Getting a mortgage can be a breeze or a slog, depending on what you know about the process. To get organized and set your expectations properly, let’s debunk some common mortgage myths. 1. Lenders use your best credit scores If […]

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  • Mortgage Cramming and Bankruptcy

    A mortgage cramdown occurs through a bankruptcy process that strips the loan into two different sections with the secured loan acquired and the principle that is the same as the value of the property. The other section is the unsecured loan that has a principle for the rest of the mortgage originally taken for the […]

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