• Unwed Fathers – Do They Have Parental Rights Too?

    Even though parents may not be married, they often have more rights than they are aware of when seeking some form of action such as child custody. There are many complications when attempting to become the primary caregiver for a child, even if the person is a biological parent. Laws change from state to state, […]

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  • Travel Restrictions for Parents and Child after a Divorce

    After a divorce finalizes, both parties may find certain restrictions if they attempt to travel with a child of the marriage to another state or even to another country. Even if the trip is only for an international vacation to visit certain locations, the parent may not do so when the divorce limits the travel […]

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  • Why Dads are Winning in Court

    Family Law West Palm Beach

    It is no longer unusual for a Father to win a custody battle and to be awarded full custody of their child or children. The assumption that a Mother has the sole right to the children is being battled everyday in our West Palm Beach court rooms. Headlines have been made for famous fathers who […]

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