Benefit from the boutique experience of the Real Estate Lawyers in at the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates

When purchasing a home, you have the choice of hiring a non-attorney title agency or a real estate lawyer in West Palm Beach to handle your title insurance. Unbeknownst to most buyers, the cost of the added protection and know how of an experienced real estate lawyer is about the same as the fees charged by a non-attorney title agency or company. While the costs are virtually the same, the added value couldn’t be more different. A real estate attorney is trained in, and has an indepth understanding of the complexities of real estate law. In addition to examining your title and issuing your insurance policy, a real estate lawyer at the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates  in West Palm Beach can also perform many services that a non-attorney title agency cannot by law do. For example:

  • Negotiating contract on your behalf
  • Giving legal advice
  • Explain the meaning and detail of all of your real estate transaction documents
  • Resolve any title issues

Our firm is hands on and the owner of the the title company oversees each closing and title transaction. If a real estate lawyer in west palm beach acts as the closing agent in your transaction, and provides your title insurance, there will typically be no other fees involved. Hiring a real estate attorney is one of the wisest decisions you can make when purchasing real estate, and our real estate attorneys are here to help you with all your real estate transaction needs.

Real Estate Transactions in Palm Beach County

In addition to providing closing and escrow services for all residential and commercial real estate sales transactions, the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates can also provide services such as:

  • “Mail-away” and mobile closing services for the convenience of the parties and real estate agents
  • representing Buyers, Sellers, lenders and borrowers  in residential and commercial real estate transactions.
  • performing due diligence for small and large scale real estate and business purchasers
  • negotiate, review and draft residential and commercial real estate contracts and option agreements

Leases in Palm Beach County

The Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates in Palm Beach can negotiate, draft, and review residential and commercial leases, as well as represent landlords and tenants in evictions and lease breach lawsuits. Trust an experienced attorney to protect you in all manner of lease transactions.

Commercial Transactions & Business Support Services

Starting a new business venture in Palm Beach County? Purchasing an existing business? There are numerous aspects of commercial transactions that will benefit from the use of an attorney. An attorney from the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates can help you form and maintain:

  • limited liability companies
  • corporations, partnerships
  • limited partnerships
  • all related entities

We can also review, negotiate and close the purchase and sale of businesses, business assets, business interests, stock, and membership interests.

Mortgage Default Resolution, Short Sale, Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Modification in Palm Beach County

An experienced real estate lawyer in West Palm Beach, from the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates can help negotiate mortgage debt liability including conducting foreclosure defense, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and mortgage loan modifications. We also represent borrowers in the negation of post judgment and short sale deficiency liability against institutional lenders and third party debt collectors.

Permitting & Development in Palm Beach County

Need assistance obtain building permits so property may be developed? Need to close open or expired permits so a property may be sold or further developed? Whether providing services for permitting or obtaining land use and development entitlements, the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates has the experience and knowhow to help navigate the often confusing world of permitting and property development. We can assist in

  • obtaining land use and development entitlements
  • negotiate, review and draft developer and development agreements
  • negotiate public/private partnership agreements with governments and quasi-governmental entities pertaining to real estate, development, rezoning and variances, including code enforcement issues
  • Draft, negotiate and review easements and rights of way

So whether you are a land planner, architect and or civil engineer looking to develop small and large scale parcels, we can help!

Real Estate Litigation in West Palm Beach

Real estate litigation requires experienced and qualified professionals who understand the intricacies of your transaction, financing and ownership structures as well as the unique rules and regulations that apply to real estate in order to help clients achieve their objectives in the most efficient manner possible. At the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates we can assist with:

  • litigating contract and business disputes
  • performing quiet title actions to obtain marketable title to real estate purchased in tax certificate foreclosures and tax deed sales, or for any other reason
  • conducting partition lawsuits for disputing landowners
  • litigating mortgage foreclosure lawsuits for large and small scale lenders

 Investor Services

Purchasing investment real estate is a complex experience, so why not benefit from the guidance and experience of an established real estate lawyer? The Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates will asset you in conducting due diligence and provide multiple loan resolution options and analysis for investors of defaulting mortgages and notes. We can also draft loan agreements, mortgages and promissory notes for commercial and residential loans and handle your 1031 exchanges. Contact the Law Offices of James N. Brown, PA & Associates today to schedule a free consultation on your real estate transaction needs.