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  • Tips to Mediate Real Estate Disputes

    Real estate disputes are often difficult to navigate without help, and knowing various tips to mediate out the issues is important for all parties involved in these types of conflicts. Engaging a lawyer versed in mediation may become the most beneficial hire the person accomplishes to resolve any dispute over the real estate property. When […]

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  • Timeshare Frauds against the Elderly

    Developers and owners of timeshare properties are defendants in litigation due to various scams against the elderly where there are instances of fraud, contract breaches and various state violations. These issues deemed elderly abuse are complex and may lead to years of battle for these older residents against the larger company. Timeshare developers facing elder […]

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  • Things You Should Not Do During a Divorce

    Some things may negatively affect your divorce case. The following may make it tougher for your lawyer to represent you, cause a judge to be upset with you, or increase your legal fees: 1. Buy a house or make any other major purchase – This can make spitting the marital estate more difficult, negatively affect […]

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  • Condo Owners and Requirements for Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

    When there is a need for maintenance, repairs, and replacement of items within a condo, the owners need to know who is responsible for what matters. This means knowing what obligations the owner has for the unit based on the agreement signed when purchasing the space. If damage occurs to a condominium, there could be […]

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  • What Does a Sufferance Tenancy Mean?

    Tenancies usually have a specified term, such as one year, two years or five years. Sufferance tenancy has to do with the type of tenancy that exists when this term expires. Landlords who rent property to tenants should take care to understand their rights and responsibilities when these terms expire. Sufferance Tenancy A sufferance tenancy […]

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  • What is a Rehabilitative Divorce?

    A rehabilitative divorce is one in which rehabilitative alimony is paid to one spouse. This type of alimony can help a spouse regain his or her footing after a divorce if the parties have disparate incomes. This financial support may be ordered even in cases in which other types of alimony may not be awarded. […]

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  • Insurance Policies to Have in Place before You Rent Out Your Space

    Before any space should be rented by others, the owner is required to have insurance and other preventative measures in place. It is important the owner or landlord of a unit or property has purchased all policies possible to ensure liability is limited and any harm to others cannot be the responsibility of the owner. […]

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  • Home Equity Lost Because Seller/Mortgager Misclassified the Type of Home

    There are various complications that may arise when attempting to acquire or secure home equity in a sale or purchase based on the actions of the buyer or seller. When this occurs, it is important to understand what occurred, how to proceed and if a lawyer’s assistance is necessary to seek a resolution for the […]

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  • Deducting Real Estate Losses against Other Income When Preparing Taxes

    Reducing and eliminating additional fees, expenses and taxes is important when someone owns property, has invested in real estate and is involved in similar situations. When preparing taxes, the individual may deduct real estate losses depending on what they are, how much and if they’ve already been counted for another situation. Federal tax responsibilities are […]

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  • Your Special Needs Child and Estate Planning

    When there are children with special needs that may inherit or are dependent on the estate owner, certain provisions are necessary in the estate plan. This could include healthcare, long-term care, planning for the unexpected and hiring an agent to ensure business matters are taken care of while the child adjusts to his or her […]

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