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  • Selling a Home in Florida? Key Legal Requirements

    Selling a home in Florida can be different than selling one in any other state, both in terms of laws and traditional procedures. Here are some important facts to know. From contract forms to closings, here is what sellers of a Florida home should expect and plan for. Role of Real Estate Agents in Florida […]

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  • How Long Must You Wait To Purchase a Home After Filing Bankruptcy?

    Filing for bankruptcy is no easy decision to make. For many, there is a sense of failure or loss. For others, it can be a clean start and an opportunity to start over. Let’s face it: financial education in this country is poor, and that’s putting it mildly! We learn by doing, and sometimes we […]

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  • Foreclosure Actions – Options for Legal Defenses

    When the bank or other lender is set to foreclose on a property, the homeowner will need to consider options in legally defending against the action or seeking the services of a lawyer to support a way to get out of the foreclosure. Often, the legal process can alleviate the worry that the foreclosure is […]

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  • What Is Foreclosure?

    Foreclosure is the legal process by which a lender takes control of a property, evicts the homeowner and sells the home after a homeowner is unable to make full principal and interest payments on his or her mortgage, as stipulated in the mortgage contract. It may seem daunting at first, but we’re to guide you through it all. […]

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  • Notice Related to Tenant Evictions and Other Matters

    Eviction notices and the full process usually depend greatly on the state due to the process favoring either the tenant or the landlord in the location. However, when a tenant has either not paid rent for long enough or has caused another complication, it is vital that the landlord follows the correct process to ensure […]

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  • Can a Private Lender Initiate a Voluntary Foreclosure?

    Foreclosure of a property is often devastating to the person that is leasing or that owns the house. There are several processes involved in this event, and the lending agency holds the most power over the entire situation with the ability to initiate a voluntary foreclosure in usual circumstances. The lending agency in a contract […]

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  • Protecting Yourself from Undisclosed Defects in Residential Property Transactions

    When purchasing residential real estate, it is often difficult to avoid potential dangers, risks to health and defects that could cause severe complications. Because of these issues, it is imperative to protect the buyer or owner from possible problems. This may be accomplished through knowing what to look for, advise and information and by comprehending […]

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  • 5 Year Statute of Limitations on Foreclosures

    Family Law In West Palm Beach

    There isn’t an endless time frame that creditors including mortgage holders have to collect on their debts and foreclose on a property. Homeowners who have not been able to make their mortgage payments but have yet to have their lender or holder file a foreclosure action against them should find out exactly what the time […]

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  • Foreclosure Defense Attorney: Cash For Keys

    Cash for Keys Foreclosure Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach Florida

    Foreclosure Attorney’s have been working with their homeowners and renters on a bank initiated program called “Cash for Keys” The banks face some great struggles with homes headed to foreclosure including maintaining the condition of the home and having to get rid of tenants. The cash for keys program helps to ensure that home will […]

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  • New Foreclosures up 7 percent in Palm Beach County

    Foreclosure Attorney West Palm Beach

    The headline on the July 14th press release read ‘Palm Beach County’s new foreclosures up 7 percent from previous month’ Here’s the stats straight from the Clerk and Comptrollers Office, Just released! July Foreclosures in Palm Beach County New Foreclosures up 38% from the same time last year 533 new cases in July compared to […]

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